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We offer a TOTALLY FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION for our clients. With our professional bail team, we will be there in the times that you need us most. We privately and discreetly handle your personal bond transactions in a clean and comfortable office environment. In time of crisis, selecting the appropriate bail bondsman is a crucial decision that needs to be made in a quiet, office setting surrounded by level-headed and knowledgeable bail professionals. There's no need to meet your bondsman in a noisy jail or in the streets. Our support, knowledge and privacy are crucial for the fastest results.
By selecting us as your BAIL BONDSMAN, you have made the appropriate decision insuring that a loved one gets the opportunity to be free of jail during criminal procedings against him or her. Many different choices and bailbondsman exist, but we help you navigate the complicated criminal justice process with minimal resistance.


My friend or loved one was arrested, what do I do now?

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We realize first hand that being arrested is a stressful and frightening experience, not only for the defendant but for the family as well. With us, you can rest assured, that the process of bailing out a loved one or friend will be expeditiously and courteously executed. We'll guide you through every step and make this difficult process as easy as possible. Dealing with the incarceration of a loved one is something no one wants to go through. We understand the frustration and pain this can cause. Understanding the needs of our client and providing a fast and efficient service is our ultimate goal.

Information You'll Need

1. Be sure about which jail he/she is in?
2. Is it a county, city or federal facility?
3. What is the booking number?
4. What is the charge?
5. What is the person's full legal name?
6. try to have the person's date of birth, if possible.
7. What was the arresting agency?
8. Try to find out the bail amount?

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